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Financial Risk Assessment 

We identify, analyze, and evaluate potential risks to an organization's operations, financial performance, or reputation to determine the likelihood and potential impact of identified risks and develop strategies for managing or mitigating those risks. We perform assessments to analyze compliance with regulations, support decision-making, or identify potential threats to an organization's objectives.

The Process

  Identify, Analyze & Evaluate

  1. We will identify and document potential risks that could affect the organization.

  2. We  analyze and evaluate the likelihood and potential impact of identified risks.

  3. We evaluate and prioritize risks based on their likelihood and potential impact.

  4. We work with the client to develop and implement strategies to manage or mitigate the risks.

Oftentimes a risk assessment can inform decisions on resource allocation, risk management strategies, and contingency planning. Risk assessments should be performed regularly to ensure that organizations remain prepared to address potential risks as the operating environment changes.

We can assess clients’ anti-fraud programs for compliance with:

  • Sanction regulations

  • Cybersecurity regulations

  • HIPAA compliance

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

  • PCAOB Audits (relating to fraud allegations)

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act

  • Federal Sentencing Guidelines

  • Datamining and statistical analysis

  • Accounting Information systems analysis, design and integration

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