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How we can help

Fraud Investigations

We gather and analyze financial records, interview witnesses, and use other investigative techniques to determine whether an individual or organization has committed fraud. We uncover evidence that can be used to prosecute or take other legal action. 

Expert Testimony

We have specialized knowledge, skills, experience, education, and training in the field of accounting that is relevant to many litigation matters. We simplify and explain complex issues.

Forensic Accounting Analysis

We work with attorneys, companies, individuals, and law enforcement agencies on complex commercial and individual disputes, insurance claims, and other legal matters.

Litigation Consulting

We work closely with attorneys, companies, individuals, and law enforcement agencies on complex matters.

Financial Risk Assessment

We identify, analyze, and evaluate potential risks to an organization's operations, financial performance, or reputation to determine the likelihood and potential impact of identified risks and to develop strategies for managing or mitigating those risks.

Internal Controls Assessment

We evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of a company's internal control systems and the policies and procedures that a company has in place. We provide recommendations to ensure that its financial reporting is accurate.

Risk-Ranking Employees

We use sophisticated modeling to evaluate and establish employees' potential fraud risk to the organization.

Financial Data Analysis

We use specialized software and hardware tools to extract, preserve, and analyze data from digital devices, allowing us to support legal proceedings and investigations. 

Matrimonial Disputes

We work with Counsel and Client to provide guidance and develop a work plan which coincides with their goals.

Asset Tracing

We identify, locate, and recover assets that have been hidden, transferred, or misappropriated.

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