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Fraud Investigations

We examine and analyze evidence to determine whether an individual or organization has committed fraud, a deliberate act of deception to secure illegal or unethical gains. We gather and analyze financial records, interview witnesses, and use other investigative techniques to build a case. We uncover evidence that can be used to recover assets, prosecute or take other legal action against those who have committed fraud.

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Methods Used

We use a variety of methods to gather information and build a case

  1. Financial analysis: We perform an examination of financial records, including  accounting ledgers, bank statements, tax returns, credit card, and invoices, to identify any patterns or anomalies that may indicate fraud.

  2. Interviews: We can interview witnesses, employees, and other relevant individuals who can provide valuable information and insights into the nature and extent of the fraud.

  3. Digital forensics: In many cases, digital evidence is crucial to uncovering fraud. We use digital forensics techniques to recover deleted or hidden files, analyze electronic communications, and examine digital devices, such as computers and smartphones, for evidence of fraud.

Once the investigation is complete, we prepare a detailed report that summarizes our findings which can be used as evidence in legal proceedings, as well as to support decisions by organizations and governments to take action against those who have committed illegal acts.

Fraud investigations are critical to protecting organizations and individuals from financial harm, ensuring that those who have committed fraud are held accountable. 

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