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 Expert Testimony

We have specialized knowledge, skills, experience, education, and training in the field of accounting that is relevant to many litigation matters. Our testimony helps the court understand complex accounting in simplistic terms. We provide an impartial and unbiased opinion based on the facts and our expertise to assist the arbiter, judge, or jury in making informed decisions. 

Impacting a Case

Experience and Credibility

Our testimony can have a significant impact on the outcome of a case. We work diligently with Counsel and Client to prepare for testimony and cross-examination.


We can provide testimony before arbitration panels, judges, and juries in federal, state, and bankruptcy court proceedings as well as federal and state agency hearings regarding matters, including:

  • Fraudulent activity 

  • Ponzi schemes 

  • Clawbacks

  • Post-acquisition purchase price disputes

  • Accountant’s malpractice

  • Economic damages

  • Technology and information systems


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